General Contracting

  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • On Time and on Budget
  • Reputable Owners and Subcontractors
  • Minority and Women Inclusion

With 35 + years as a General Contractor, SIKA has proven results for setting exceptional standards in cost control, planning and scheduling, quality assurance and control, and project safety. Our national experience and diverse clientele gives us a strong competitive advantage over others in our field.

Construction Management

  • Strong Owner/Contractor Relationship
  • Expedited schedules
  • Lowered Costs
  • Reduced Change Requests

Construction Management is a method of project delivery as it creates a direct partnership relationship with the client. This type of project delivery method generally results in more expeditious schedules, lower costs of design and construction, and less contractor-initiated change requests due to document design errors and omissions. Sika Construction has provided construction management services, including pre-construction services, for over twenty-five years and prides itself on its commitment to HCoughly understanding the needs and goals of the client.

Design – Assist

  • Concept to Execution Partnership
  • Superior Team Collaboration
  • Minimized Risk Throughout Project
  • Shortened Project Schedule

Due to a desire to partner with the client from conceptual stages and work together to execute a seamless project, Sika Construction is an advocate of the Design-Build project delivery method. In contrast to “design-bid-build”, the design and construction aspects are contracted with a single firm. The design-builder is usually the contractor and design professionals are typically retained directly by the contractor. The design-builder strives to bring together design and construction professionals in a collaborative environment to complete these tasks in an overlapping fashion – whereas the construction begins while the building is still being designed – ultimately minimizing the project risk for an owner and reducing the delivery schedule.


  • Provide On-Site Owners Representation
  • Program Management Consultation and Development
  • Improved Diversity Participation and Community Outreach
  • Pre-construction Services

Sika Construction provides consulting services in the areas of Owner’s Representation, Program Management, Design Review, Building Permit Facilitation, Pre-Construction, Subcontractor Interface, Employee Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/ Minority Business Enterprise Development, Participation and Inclusion. Our consultants are available throughout the project’s course to meet with your project partners and subcontractors.

We can also provide owners and developers with personnel to assist with scheduling, procurement, purchasing, and other various tasks needed. Our pre-construction department has the resources to assist in the development of branded concepts and development of financial Pro-Forma’s, while our program management can assist in developing programs with community outreach, diversity participation, and management of owner programs.


  • Structural Concrete
  • Self Perform
  • Speciality Subcontractor Projects
  • Experience in Extreme Climates

Sika Construction has been placing structural concrete for almost a decade; both as a selfperforming general contractor and as a concrete specialty subcontractor. Sika Construction firmly believes that a key aspect in the successful construction of any project is the ability to properly drive the schedule through the structural phase of the work, thereby forcing the other major subcontractors to follow suit. Further, it establishes a critical expectation of project safety and quality control that lasts the duration of the project.

Joint Ventures

  • Partnership Driven
  • Understand the Value of Locally Based Partnerships
  • Leverage Company Expertise
  • Achieve Maximum Value

Sika Construction has built its foundation on having an outstanding relationship with, and the mutual respect of, its peers in the industry. From time to time, a special project arises which requires the talents and expertise of two or more companies that can come together to complement each other in the best interest of the client and the project. Sika Construction is proud to acknowledge the following relationships which we value tremendously, and have at our disposal as we move into the future: Mortenson Construction, Clark Construction, Perini Building Company, and The Penta Building Company.


  • Rebuilding Homes and Shelter
  • Planning and Developing Infrastructure
  • Neighborhood Reconstruction
  • Devastation Clean-up

SIKA began its international work efforts in 2005 in the Dominican Republic, consulting with Dominican banks and business people. This work culminated in the development of new housing production and delivery strategies that led to the successful delivery of high quality, reasonably priced housing for working class Dominicans. Following this success, we began pursuing projects in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Tunisia and elsewhere. SIKA began to focus its international efforts on reconstruction projects in Haiti following the earthquake of January 2010. Working with USAID, the University of Minnesota, local Haitian contractors, Non-Governmental Organizations and local officials, SIKA contributed to the construction of temporary shelters, neighborhood reconstruction, rubble removal and permanent housing. To date, HC’s international work has involved the planning of infrastructure rehabilitation, urban master planning and redevelopment, building demolition and rubble removal, housing development master planning and the construction of housing.