For more than thirty years, Sika Construction helped to build hundreds of factories, luxurious homes, sewers, theatres, book stores, power plants, arts centres, mine sites, offices, hotels and gas distribution networks across North America– the smaller, but no less important projects that help to make Canada / United State a great place to live.

Through many economic ups and downs, Sika Construction, Inc. has continued to prosper. Our honesty, integrity, and upfront approach have allowed us to become who we are today and will guide us into the future.

At Sika Construction we believe in sharing our opportunities with everyone. We strive to be remembered in the communities in which we work for capturing the feel of the community and complimenting it with our solid work performance. At SIKA, we are helping to build a better tomorrow, making us a world-class organization today.

A Safe Working Environment

At Sika Construction, a safe job site is a productive one. Our company is committed to providing a safe working environment for every employee and partner with whom we work. On each site we operate, this means rigorous maintenance of our equipment and zealous enforcement of stringent workplace safety standards. As a result, not only is Holtby recognized as one of North America reputable employer and fast growing construction company, but we also regularly earn a safety rating of more than 99% in national audits conducted by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association.

Mission Statement

To eradicate barriers to entry and mobility in our industry in order to reinforce hope and ambition within the human spirit of underutilized people, while simultaneously incentivizing disciplined skill acquisition.


  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Transformation
  • Efficiency
  • Collaboration
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Multiple Returns on Investment

SIKA Corporate Documents & Marketing

Sika Construction has a strong commitment to excellence and quality construction; our true ambition lies in satisfying clients and building relationships. Communication is key; therefore SIKA has made resources available to view and download for your reference. We hope to share our commitments and passion with you and your organization in the near future.